Akai Sushi (Harbord Street)

Service-wise, my second visit to the new sushi joint on Harbord was much more impressive than the first. We went for dinner and I had a sushi & sashimi bento. The fish seemed on par with what’s available on Bloor and somewhat below my favourite, Japango (although the last time I went there the rice was warm and over-vinegared but I can forgive that, especially as they served me some very nice uni). The tuna was lacking the vivid red colour you get in a really good piece and one of my hunks of salmon tasted a little fishy. The sashimi was cut far too large: it’s really only nice to eat a small piece of raw fish at a time, stuffing a slab of it down your throat in one go is not pleasant. Scallop sushi and sashimi were a nice touch, although I didn’t think much of the seasoning. Nonetheless, it was perfectly pleasant, and I’ll probably return, but if you’re in the neighbourhood and looking to eat on a budget, I’d recommend Flip, Toss & Thai.


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