Akai Sushi (Harbord Street)
February 24, 2010

Service-wise, my second visit to the new sushi joint on Harbord was much more impressive than the first. We went for dinner and I had a sushi & sashimi bento. The fish seemed on par with what’s available on Bloor and somewhat below my favourite, Japango (although the last time I went there the rice was warm and over-vinegared but I can forgive that, especially as they served me some very nice uni). The tuna was lacking the vivid red colour you get in a really good piece and one of my hunks of salmon tasted a little fishy. The sashimi was cut far too large: it’s really only nice to eat a small piece of raw fish at a time, stuffing a slab of it down your throat in one go is not pleasant. Scallop sushi and sashimi were a nice touch, although I didn’t think much of the seasoning. Nonetheless, it was perfectly pleasant, and I’ll probably return, but if you’re in the neighbourhood and looking to eat on a budget, I’d recommend Flip, Toss & Thai.


Flip Toss & Thai Kitchen (141 Harbord Street)
February 18, 2010

A great little Thai place on Harbord. The food is not too salty or greasy and is always well cooked. One could argue that the portions are a little small for the price. I like the cashew shrimp. Take out seems to be the primary market but there and a few tables inside if you feel like taking a seat. Probably the best lunch option on Harbord.

93 Harbord (93 Harbord Street) (Winterlicious)
February 11, 2010

Went for Winterlicious, which was the only option available. Lentil soup was tasty, a little over spiced for my delicate palate, but certainly not bad.

Chicken tagine was pleasant, but a little too lemony. The presentation (not something I normally notice) of this dish was particularly ridiculous: the chicken and bok choi were slopped onto the plate and accompanied by a perfectly molded little mound of couscous.

Dessert was bad. ‘Poached figs’ were dried figs. Almonds were overly roasted and poor tasting. The yogurt was ok.

The lighting in the restaurant, as per the trend, was too low.

Not recommended: there are much better places on Harbord.

Akai Sushi (Harbord Street)
February 10, 2010

I went a week ago, for lunch. I had chirashi (my standard choice) which was very pleasant; a cut above the offerings on Bloor, a cut below Japango. It’s a little expensive for lunch (minimum $10 before tax and tip, compared to ~$7 on Bloor) which is an issue if you’re a student like me, but if I had a proper job I imagine I wouldn’t mind so much.

The decor was pleasant enough, but we were the only two people there (it was around 3 pm, I don’t know how they fare at peak hours) and the waiter didn’t seem to be able to hold it together very well even with such a small crowd. He was fairly slow and inattentive and made some errors.

They were also playing jazz which really jarred with the atmosphere and struck me as a fairly silly choice.